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First of all we want to thank God for so many blessings that he has given us, secondly to a very special person; to Mrs. Lourdes Barajas who helped us and trusted us.

Our beginning was not at all factual, after several months of effort to be able to open the paletería, we started in a small place, which we did not know, the people and neighbors of the place saw us working and made negative comments that it was a very hidden place, that we would not be successful, but the desire to have our business helped us not to give up and during the first year it was a lot of effort and many hours of work, to be exact 14 hours a day.

In 2011 we decided to open our 2nd location. Also in Cicero, on the famous Cermak Rd. And so with the constant effort and help from our workers, we opened the 3rd. Locality located north of Chicago.

We now have 6 locations and the last one opened 2 months ago in Joliet, IL To date with 52 workers, something that we thank all of them, those who continue to work with us from the beginning, since without your support and collaboration we could not grow alone.    

It is a great satisfaction to know that we have achieved the dream of our own business.     And finally, to thank all our clients for their preference, who have allowed us to like their palate
with the products that we prepare with care and dedication.

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